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Історія шоколадного міста
The History of Chocolate City
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The History of Chocolate City

Yulia Fingaret

Trostianets is a small town in Sumy region with rich history and numerous places of interest. In 18th and 19th centuries the town passes into the hands of the Koenig family who built the Neskuchne arboretum, the Nymph grotte, the Holitsin palace, the Krugly Dvir fortress in Trostianets. In the Soviet times the latter was vandalized, and it’s only after 1991 that the fortress got back its massive and impressive shape. The Holitsin palace has also been renovated, and now it attracts the newly married couple from Sumy and Kharkiv regions. However, these achievements are a merit of young political activists who negotiated with the town administration and private sponsors in order to attract investment in the renovation of the relics of the past since the town doesn’t get any regular grants from regional authorities. One of the most powerful chocolate factories of the Craft Foods Corporation has been recently established in Trostianets, and the population hopes that foreign investment will be a powerful incentive to economic development of the town.


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