Місто Флоріана - Vitalii Zhmud

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Місто Флоріана
Florian’s Town
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Florian’s Town

Vitalii Zhmud

Shargorod, an old Jewish town in Podillia region, was founded by Polish official Jan Zamoyski and named after Florian Szary, the ancestor of Zamoyski family. Florian Szary perished in a battle with crusaders. In memory of Florian’s courage the arms of Zamoyski family depict the image of Florian with three spears in his breast. Shargorod obtained Magdeburg rights together with the city arms in 1588. Owing to Mardeburg rights the town has introduced Saturday, New Year and Trinity fairs. Merchants from Italy and Turkey offered their goods at the fairs, and this encouraged the development of foreign trade in the region. Unfortunately, Shargarod Jewish community has nearly disappeared but Jewish trade traditions along with delicate and ironic and sense of humor, the legacy of Shargorod glorious past, keep defining daily life and friendly atmosphere of the town.


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