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Моє місто - Дніпропетровськ
My City of Dnipropetrovsk
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My City of Dnipropetrovsk

Artem Stoliar

The roots of self-government in Ukraine date back to the first constitution of Pilip Orlik, Ukrainian hetman who is considered to be an author of the first European democratic constitution. The constitution of Ukrainian People’s Republic also contained an article on local self-government but it wasn’t implemented. During Soviet times self-government didn’t exist since it contradicted the centralized character of Soviet state. Thus, it is only current Constitution of Ukraine that guarantees both the recognition and necessity of local self-government. In 1785 Katherine II introduced City Regulations which included the creation of local self-government. Yet the aim of the introduction of the abovementioned document was not the democratization but the strengthening of absolutist regime. The most important result of this administrative reform was the creation of city council that consisted of 9 deputies and the Head of the City. However, the counter-reforms of 1890 and 1892 limited the independence of self-government. Thereby, Ukraine and Dnipropetrosvk managed to travel a long road to the recognition of self-government as an institute of democratic policy-making.



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